5. Tron Legacy (2010)

Time goes so fast when you’re having fun

Directed by: Joseph Kosinski
Written by: Edward Kitsis and Adam Horowitz
Starring: Jeff Bridges, Garrett Hedlund, Olivia Wilde

Can we just stop for a moment and appreciate these trailers?

On the one hand we have the first 1982 Tron

and then we’ve got its sequel, Tron Legacy

With 28 years between these two films, their comparison proves just how far we’ve come in movie magic. And by movie magic, I mean, the technology that made it possible for Disney to reboot this old sci-fi geek film – not the story or the characters. Sadly, they aren’t as compelling as the visual makeover.

Years after his father’s disappearance, Sam Flynn (Hedlund) enters a computer world where his father, Kevin Flynn (Bridges) has been battling against a clone of his younger self, Clu. As  Sam finds himself caught between his desire to return home and setting things straight for the computer world that his father had passionately built, he soon discovers that Clu has sinister plans to expand his power on a much bigger scale.

It all sounds and looks very epic – no seriously, Daft Punk and 3D excitement that contests Avatar is more than impressive – but when it comes down to plain ol’ storytelling, Tron Legacy is a let down. Using unoriginal explanations that feel tedious and slow in comparison to the action scenes, Tron Legacy could have been rivetting from beginning to end if it had approached the story with more intrigue or more creative ways for Sam to discover the history of the Grid, rather than just hearing it all from his pop. And judging from the 1982 trailer, the character of Kevin Flynn has got a lot more spirit than the yoga-God-like figure of Kevin Flynn in this remake/sequel, limiting Jeff Bridges to a role that seems too serious and relatively boring for what he could have potentially delivered.

While a little bit more humour and a better story could have turned Tron Legacy into an actual legacy for future sci-fi movies, it still stands as one of the most visually exciting movies to hit the screens these holidays. And with Michael Sheen prancing around with a cane… I don’t think too many people are going to be disappointed.


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