Golden Globes becomes Gervais Glory

When the host of an award ceremony opens his monologue with insults and sinister comments, there’s bound to be a split right down the middle amongst critics who think he’s gone too far and those who feel refreshed by the change of tune, predictably seen at most formal occasions of this sort.

But let’s be clear: the Golden Globes ceremony isn’t exactly as formal as the Academy Awards and if the host is Ricky Gervais – creator of The Office and Extras, which by the way, rely on an uncomfortable, squirmy kind of humour that he’s become uniquely recognized for- then I don’t really know why people are getting fired up over his jokes. Surely, the Golden Globes didn’t reenlist the British comedian as host for a second time running if they hadn’t expected something like this.

In my opinion, Hollywood is actually benefitting from Gervais’ jokes. It’s funny (ha…) that Gervais’ insults, which appear so damaging on the surface, actually have a redeeming quality for the celebrities that are involved in his jokes.

How so? In being so upfront and brutally honest about the personal lives and works of these A-listers, Gervais not only clears away the heavy, serious media tension that was already shrouding these incidents, but he also gives the stars a chance to either laugh it off or respond in whichever way they see fit – proved most aptly by Robert Downey Jr, who took the opportunity to humour the audience with

As uncomfortable as Ricky Gervais may have made YOU feel, believe me,  he did a great job in turning what could have been a conventionally dull and overly-polished award ceremony into one that was authentic and refreshing. Since the media has already done enough damage to these celebrities personal lives in making them public, and considering Gervais didn’t say anything that was new or shocking to us (they were all things that we knew and thought already), he did a favour for Hollywood in making such stars appear human, and not so superior as to be offended, but good-humoured enough to take Gervais on.

Consider Gervais’ sense of humour and the kind of comedian that he has become famous for. Rather than being shocked and appalled by how ‘insulting’ his jokes were, I think people simply need to understand that this is a different stream of humour that doesn’t exactly conform to typical Hollywood tastes. And because of this, the Golden Globes just jacked up public interest and media hype to greater levels than it could have had with any other host.

So kudos to Ricky Gervais for making the Golden Globes that much more interesting and controversial.


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