6. Legends of the Fall (1994)

Legends seem more interesting with a good cast


Directed by: Edward Zwick
Written by: Susan Shilliday, based on the novel by Jim Harrison
Starring: Brad Pitt, Anthony Hopkins and Julia Ormond

Come! Gather round and watch a ’94 movie of sweeping American mountains, Native-American mysticism, romance and tragedy. Three brothers love the one woman, but war, time and (dare I say it) fate change their lives forever in unforeseeable ways (well… maybe the voice-over of Native-American ‘One Stab’ knew all along).  And if that doesn’t appeal, rest assured Brad Pitt, Anthony Hopkins and Julia Ormond turn this melodrama into a bearable and enjoyable epic.

Oh my god... we're so beautiful.

While Legends of the Fall could have been awkwardly over-the-top and somewhat cheesy, this is one film that proves brilliant cinematography (for which it was awarded an Oscar) and a  perfectly cast ensemble of actors can do wonders for a script. With some unpredictable routes taken by the story, Legends of the Fall can feel a little long-winded at times, and well, let’s be honest – a little annoying with its overt Native-American sixth sense and multiple deaths. But thanks to some effortlessly convincing acting from Brad Pitt as the passionate Tristan Ludlow and complimenting performances from Anthony Hopkins and Julia Ormond, the film buzzes with onscreen chemistry that drowns out the groans of those who don’t particularly enjoy epic love stories.

Oh come on, least the long locks of Brad Pitt and committed face-pulling (… just watch the movie) on Anthony Hopkins’ part is something to look at.


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