Devilishly exciting

If you’re like me and love bloody, thrilling and heart-racing Korean revenge movies, this news is going to make your eyes wiggle in anticipation. (Yes, eyes can wiggle… or at least tremble)

I Saw The Devil is the latest thriller by The Good, The Bad and The Weird‘s director, Kim Ji-Woon. Starring Oldboy‘s Choi Min Sik as a serial killer and Lee Byung Hyun as a revenge-seeking agent, I Saw The Devil looks like a real treat with enough visually visceral action to keep blood lusting addicts such as myself excited for its release in April.

While The Good, The Bad and The Weird lacked much of story but made up for this with its amazing visual and stylistic choices, it can be assumed that I Saw The Devil will have more of a narrative considering the premise already points in the direction of intrigue and violent intensity. Throw in some of Korea’s finest actors into the production and you’ve got yourself a pretty exciting prospect.

The trailer is enough to get you smiling that evil smile of expection. Exceellllent…


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