28. Going the Distance (2010)

Do we have to go the distance?

Directed by: Nanette Burstein
Written by: Geoff LaTulippe
Starring: Drew Barrymore, Justin Long, Charlie Day

For singletons everywhere, couples who get along so well, look good together and then display it for all the world to see, are … to put it mildly… annoying. Going the Distance is the same excruciatingly annoying exercise of watching a perfect couple. But now add some forced humour and predictable outcomes and you’ve got yourself a romantic comedy that leaves flaws out of the picture. In fact, the only flaw in this relationship is exactly what’s made obvious by the title – the distance between these two lovebirds.

Erin is interning for the New York Sentinel, doing things the long way round as she is trying to finish her degree at Stanford and get her life together after dropping everything for a man. But when she meets Garrett, a New Yorkian who has never felt deeply involved with any of his previous girlfriends, she has the desire to drop everything all over again to be with him. Career or perfect boyfriend who you have great witty conversations with?

The film isn’t unbearable. There is dialogue that feels somewhat fresh in comparison to the brain dead rom coms that dominate our video shop shelves, but then again, there are terrible moments where the comedy just doesn’t work, despite even Always Sunny in Philadelphia‘s Charlie Day’s efforts to be gross and strange.

Funnily enough, Going the Distance works when the film isn’t trying to be funny and when the characters need to make important decisions about work and love. In the end, however, the characters are not really anything other than the actors who play them. Drew Barrymore is her fun-loving, tomboy self, while Justin Long is your simple straightforward everyday guy who is just nice and charming. Or at least, that’s what the media and this movie seems to be advocating.

Ech.. please stop.


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