Well deserved winnings

We can all breathe a sigh of relief now that the Academy Awards are over. For one thing, all that pent up anticipation is now all over the internet, and at the click of a SEARCH button we can find out all the winners of the glorious, highly hyped up (and maybe deservedly so) award ceremony.

This year, thankfully, the people who deserved the awards took them home. So another round of applause for the following:

“The King’s Speech” – 4 Oscars (Writing (Original Screenplay), Directing, Actor in a Leading Role, Best Picture)

“Inception” – 4 Oscars (Sound Editing, Sound Mixing, Best Cinematography, Visual Effects)

“The Social Network” – 3 Oscars (Music (Original Score), Writing (Adapted Screenplay), Film Editing)

“Alice in Wonderland” – 2 Oscars (Art Direction, Costume Design)

“The Fighter” – 2 Oscars (Actor in a Supporting Role, Actress in a Supporting Role)

“Toy Story 3” – 2 Oscars (Animated Feature Film, Music (Original Song))

“The Wolfman” – 1 Oscar (Makeup)

“In a Better World” – 1 Oscar (Foreign Language Film)

“Black Swan” – 1 Oscar (Actress in a Leading Role)

“The Lost Thing” – 1 Oscar (Short Film (Animated))

“God of Love” – 1 Oscar (Short Film (Live Action))

“Strangers No More” – 1 Oscar (Documentary (Short Subject))

“Inside Job” – 1 Oscar (Documentary (Feature))

But if you’re an alien who has just landed on Earth and missed this important news, check out more here.



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