48. Push (2009)

Pushing nothing but a terrible plotline

Directed by: Paul McGuigan
Written by: David Bourla
Starring: Camilla Belle, Dakota Fanning and Chris Evans

Pushing in all the wrong directions.

The appeal of this film may have been more visible on the pages of a script, but taken to the screen with special effects that fail to blow you away (even though they’re literally blowing characters away in the film), this action-cross-superhuman powers showdown is not worth your time or effort in trying to analyze a storyline that ultimately has too many holes in its plot to be believable or enjoyable.

Nick is one of a select number who have special abilities. While he can push objects and people with a telekinetic force, he hasn’t mastered it as well as he would like. When he is confronted by young Cassie, who can see images of the future, he must help her find a way to rescue her mother from an organisation called The Division before they are both killed and tracked down by others with super powers. But as things become more complicated (than they need to be), it is a race against time before The Division catches on to what Cassie’s mother wants them to achieve, and change the future entirely.

As the film relies too heavily on its supernatural qualities that walk hand in hand with special effects, Push rushes towards a predictable twist whilst assuming an appearance of cleverness in trying to complicate matters. With lots of unnecessary montages and inexplicably illogical resolutions to problems, Push also fails to take on the very aspects of the story that would have been most interesting and engaging for the audience. And with an ending that is reached too hastily, it becomes questionable as to whether anything was achieved at all.


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