62. X2 (2003)

What’s there to fight about? Mutants clearly rock.

Directed by:Bryan Singer
Written by: Zak Penn, David Hayter
Starring: Patrick Stewart, Hugh Jackman and Halle Berry

Being one of the Xmen necessarily requires a swanky suit.

Aside from the fact that I think mutants in X2 should all take Magneto’s side and wipe out the insignificant, insect-like humans who are purely just jealous (and shitting their pants in fear) of their awesome powers, the 2nd installment of the X-men franchise continues the fight of goodies versus baddies as the X-Men track down a mutant assassin who came close to killing the American president, and must quickly stop Professor Xavier from having his ‘Cerebro’ be exploited!

While the graphics and the level of action is nothing but what you would expect from a 2003 blockbuster i.e. nothing too mind-blowing or particularly well-directed, X2 should at least get some recognition for being well-structured. While the storyline necessarily deals with many characters, many super-abilities and so many things going on, X2 strategically sets out the story so that all the information you need to know is embedded in the cheesy lines and moments of realisation that help out even the most clueless of all movie-goers. So regardless of whether you’ve seen the first movie, or you’re going to see the third one, X2 stands on its own two mutant feet with clarity and an easy-to-understand premise that is loaded with enough action, romantic tension and angst to keep you entertained.


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