68. Paranmanjang (2011)

A Korean haunting

Directed by: Chan-kyong Park, Chan-wook Park
Written by: Chan-wook Park, Chan-kyong Park
Starring:Jung-hyun Lee and Kwang-rok Oh

Park Chan Wook has continued to produce an endlessly fascinating range of works. From the visceral shock-value of his revenge trilogy to the quirky romantic comedy I’m a Cyborg but That’s OK, his latest short film – completely filmed on an iPhone 4 camera – Paranmanjang is an incredible feat in Korean filmmaking.

While I won’t give away the great twist that’s in this riveting 30 minute short, it steeps itself in Korean traditions and rituals linking the living to the dead as a fisherman comes across something totally unexpected on the end of his line.

As director Park captures the bizarre qualities of Korean funeral rituals and grief, it plays with perspective, colour, angles and points of view in exciting and profoundly creative ways. The fact that it’s all filmed on an iPhone is also testament to the fact that expensive technology and high-tech equipment always come second to great cinematic storytelling.

Annnny day now...


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