94. Jennifer’s Body (2009)


Directed by: Karyn Kusama
Written by: Diablo Cody
Starring: Megan Fox, Amanda Seyfried and Adam Brody

It isn’t the central plot or concept behind the teen horror-thriller, Jennifer’s Body, that needs to be sacrificed with an absurdly big and shiny knife in the middle of the woods. It’s the execution of the whole bloody thing – from its script, characters, casting and direction –  that needs some serious exorcism.

Hot cheerleader, Jennifer Check (Fox) comes back to life as a demon after being sacrificed by an evil Satan-worshipping rock band who mistake her for a virgin. Anita (Seyfried), better known as ‘Needy’, must stop her once best friend from eating all the boys who live in their neighbourhood.

Post-Transformers trauma

If you think about the hilarious possibilities, bizarre plot twists and popular, cultural references that could be sent up in this horror flick, the plot doesn’t sound too bad. But when you cast Adam Brody as the lead singer of the murdering, eyeliner donning rock band, and rely too heavily on the star power of Amanda Seyfried and Megan Fox to cover up the cheesy dialogue, unfunny one-liners and rather unexciting climax, it’s enough to make you want to projectile vomit black bile all over the screen.

While Jennifer’s Body mixes the genuinely horrifying and disgusting with trashy teen dialogue and those hormonal desires to have sex (which also involve a sub-lesbian-plot), its predictability, it fails to have that punchy, clever impact that we’d expect as the film’s reliance on shock-value and a rather patchy plot (with some pretty loose explanations and flat motivations for the characters) disappoints consistently throughout the entire film. It’s a screaming bloody mess, in desperate need of a rewrite and an exorcism.


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