106. Hitman (2007)

Another shot at a genre that misses completely

Directed by: Xavier Gens
Written by: Skip Woods
Starring: Timothy Olyphant, Dougray Scott and Olga Kurylenko

Video game movies have never really lived up to their potential. While adapting and extending the strong ideas of video games to the big screen seems like a golden idea, movies based on video games always seem too lazy to give their characters depth or weave complex and compelling plot lines. Hitman is just another one of these flops. As cocky and self-indulgent as Hitman‘s protagonist, Agent 47 (Olyphant), the film loves its violence, moving rapidly from one location to the next without a strong sense of purpose and teasing us with glimpses of what could have been a damn cool character.

Are we there yet...?

Raised by an organization that trains young children to become assassins, Agent 47 is a talented killer who gets his jobs via a laptop that tells him his client’s wishes. And being good at what he does, Agent 47 always gets the job done. But when one of his targets is the Russian president, Agent 47 becomes tied into a political conspiracy that has his own organization trying to get rid of him.

For a movie that has a protagonist, so meticulous and awesome at what he does that we don’t care how many people he brutally murders, it seems ironic that the movie itself can’t be the same. Without much of a background story on Agent 47, or why he’s so special in comparison to the other bald little barcoded kids that he was trained with, Hitman tries to run on a cool factor that isn’t supported by any substance. This could also be said about the weak love interest between Agent 47 and a Russian hooker (Kurylenko) who doesn’t really do much other than whine and show her boobs every now and then.

Watching Hitman is like watching someone else play a video game. There’s no involvement or investment on your part as an audience and regardless of how gruesomely awesome it is, the story lacks as much personality as its protagonist. It would be nice if we could hire someone to have this movie taken care of. If you know what I mean.


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