113. Take Me Home Tonight (2011)

Yeah, I think I’ll go home too.

Directed by: Michael Dowse
Written by: Jackie Filgo, Jeff Filgo
Starring: Topher Grace, Anna Faris and Dan Fogler

There was once a time when the retrospective house party set-up, 2nd chance with the high school crush (who also happens to be the prom queen) movie worked. They combined the right amount of nostalgia, outrageous situations, funny characters and fail-proof plot lines that are predictable and safe but endlessly entertaining. Take Me Home Tonight, however, is a few years late. After a string of great movies that play the same card, and a flood of laugh-out-loud movies that have pushed comedy into gross and crude extremes, Take Me Home Tonight has trouble fitting in.

This party is SO ... boring

After graduating from MIT, Matt (Grace) has a job at a video store while his friends and twin sister (Faris) are moving on to bigger and better things. As his old high school friends get together at a big old-fashioned house party, Matt realizes that this may be his one last chance to tell his high school crush that he hasn’t stopped liking her. But as lies and cocaine slowly spiral into a big mess, Matt comes face to face with the personal issues that he’s been running away from.

Relying too heavily on the already established likeability of Anna Faris and Topher Grace, Take Me Home Tonight takes an overdone genre and doesn’t offer us anything new. Instead of focusing on the familiar, and commonly felt frustration of most graduates still stuck at home with the parents, watching friends advance in their careers, Take Me Home Tonight simply make their characters and plot twists as juvenile as high-schoolers, proving that while the genre has aged a great deal, it hasn’t matured with anything original or exciting at all.


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