121. Chalet Girl (2011)

An easy slide into predictability

Directed by: Phil Traill
Written by: Tom Williams
Starring: Felicity Jones, Ed Westwick and Bill Nighy

A little clumsy, a touch annoying, but altogether sweet, Chalet Girlfollows the story of skateboarding sensation Kim Matthews (Jones), who takes up a job as a chalet girl at a private ski resort in order to support her single father. But when Kim takes up snowboarding, new friends and a new crush on the resort owner’s son, Johnny (Westwick), she must learn to be a little bit braver and stronger if she is to overcome the traumatic loss of her mother and take on a chance of a lifetime.

It's hard not to look sexy in these blooming ski pants

Chalet Girl ticks all the right boxes in terms of visualizing the journey of a protagonist who must work to overcome obstacles if she is to transform and get what she wants. The film has conflict, a goal, light comedic characters, a love interest and beautiful natural landscapes. And yet, Chalet Girl is far from likeable. As the British snowboarding comedy sits somewhere in between a sports film and a top teen girl’s sleep-over choice, Chalet Girl sits too comfortably in predictability and weak jokes, rendering even the most moving parts of the film a little cheesy. Nevertheless, Chalet Girl is an easy watch – riddled with enough montages, simple dialogue and light laughs to keep us mildly entertained.


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