127. Another Earth (2011)

Not another space movie

Directed by: Mike Cahill
Written by: Brit Marling, Mike Cahill
Starring: Brit Marling, William Mapother and Matthew-Lee Erlbach

While the premise of earthlings finding a mirror-image planet of their own sounds more like a sci-fi film than a drama, Another Earthisn’t just another forgetable flick about contact with extraterrestrial life. Instead, the Sundance winner draws parallels between the bigger questions of existence and the personal journey of Rhoda (Marling) – a young girl seeking redemption and forgiveness after being convicted of vehicular manslaughter.


As a competition becomes open to the public for limited trips to Earth 2, Rhoda is drawn to apply. Whether this is a form of escape, an opportunity or simply the desire to be part of something that is bigger than anything Rhoda can experience on her planet, Earth 2 looms above Rhoda as a queer symbol of another chance at life. But with responsibilities and unfinished business left at home, Rhoda is left with guilt and pain that simply won’t go away when she is millions of miles from home.

With the backdrop of another Earth, the deeply personal and emotional stories of the film’s characters are framed within philosophical ruminations that contemplate another form of life, another path of fate and endless, chilling possibilities of what is out there. By intertwining Rhoda’s individual conflict with these ideas, Another Earth is a highly original film that is delivered with as much power and energy as is evident in its script.


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