132. Friends with Kids (2011)

Friends don’t let friends remain childless

Directed by: Jennifer Westfeldt
Written by: Jennifer Westfeldt
Starring: Adam Scott, Jennifer Westfeldt and Maya Rudolph

If you’re a single childless woman, and your best friend agrees to get you pregnant so long as you don’t marry each other and get to continue dating other people, why wouldn’t you? There won’t be any repercussions, right?

This is the logic behind Jennifer Westfeldt’s written and directed comedy Friends with Kids – a light romantic flick that raises some interesting ideas about marriage and child-rearing, but falls short in exploring them with originality. While the film is stocked with cast members from Bridesmaids, Westfeldt doesn’t live up to the likeable qualities that are written for her as the protagonist, Julie. And with actors who have rising reputations, a strong sense of screen presence and a natural knack of comedic timing, Westfeldt’s lesser known acting stands out as a result making it hard for us to enjoy, relate to and engage with the film.

Just friends, right?

Not too many films take on such a thought-provoking idea. In this sense, Friends with Kids feels fresh and original, but when it comes to execution, the dialogue gets a little predictable, uncomfortable and somewhat forced. The acting is unbalanced in quality and some of the more interesting moments are hurried over for the sake of drama. Relying too heavily on the cleverness of its central concept, Friends with Kids fails to be as unique and promising as it might sound.


2 thoughts on “132. Friends with Kids (2011)

    • thefilmkid says:

      It premiered at the Toronto Film Festival, but hasn’t been released yet. I think it’s due to be released early this year though. I love this cast too! It’s worth a watch if you’re curious to see how they work in a more serious (I don’t know if that’s the word I’m looking for) kind of story.

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