Looking back on a 2011 Film Odyssey


Fare thee well 2011! The year has been filled with movies worthy of standing ovations and absolute flops – each and every single one being a joy to review. With my sights set on breaking my 2010 record of 137 films watched and simply recorded on a scrap piece of paper, I’m happy to say that I managed to watch AND review 139 in 2011, posting them right here on thefilmkid‘s blog.

Looking back on my reviews, I admit there have been times of laziness, spurts of procrastination, and some ten to fifteen films I haven’t included in the list.  But with the new year, and regardless of what mayans and John Cusack associate with 2012, I’m totally on board for writing more reviews and beating the 139 with more quality reviews, a healthy number of rants and a wider variety of films for a more thriving and super awesome writing space.

Impending apocalypse or not, I'll keep blogging

May your 2012 be as explosive, romantic, dramatic and hilarious as the silver screen!

Keep the films, views and comments rolling,

The Film Kid



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