28 Days (2000)



Directed by: Betty Thomas
Written by: Susannah Grant
Starring: Sandra Bullock, Vigo Mortensen, and Dominic West

In this relatively mild drama-comedy about an alcoholic sentenced to 28 days in a rehabilitation center, Sandra Bullock does what she does best in turning could-be annoying and unlikable characters (Miss Congeniality, Forces of Nature, Two Weeks Notice and so on and so forth) into a fun and simultaneously moving performance.

With a great cast of assorted addicts, including Steve Buscemi, Vigo Mortensen and Alan Tudyk, one woman’s journey to sobriety is made up of lightly funny moments, valuable lessons and a surprisingly balanced perception of how people fight addiction and their own personal demons.

While the film could have worked on its humor (many scenes left blandly unfunny regardless of how much effort is put in by the actors), 28 Days has its highs at its lows. That is to say, much of the unhappy resolutions and reflections on breaking addictions and being imperfect human beings is a lot more satisfying than what the film appears to project on the surface.


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