Morning Glory (2010)



Directed by: Roger Michell
Written by: Aline Brosh McKenna
Starring: Rachel McAdams, Harrison Ford and Diane Keaton

While the off-air comedy of television studios has already been captured and successfully bandied about by the outrageously funny series 30 Rock, Morning Glorytakes a similar premise and moves it into the sunnier and more light-hearted conventions of comedy flicks with uncompromisingly smart twists and surprisingly likable characters.

Looking the part

Despite her inexhaustible energy and positivity, Becky Fuller (McAdams) is fired from her job as the producer of daytime TV show, “Good Morning New Jersey.” As she takes the first producing job that comes her way, Becky is faced with the task of reinventing “Daybreak” – a morning show that has crumbling ratings and seemingly hopeless anchors. Too ambitious and lively to give up easily, Becky puts her faith in old news anchor, Mike Pomeroy (Ford), whose passion for hard-hitting news cements his superiority complex over the entire show and Becky herself.

With Rachel McAdams’ energetic performance and Harrison Ford’s well-fitted role as a surly journalist, Morning Glory lifts potentially annoying characters off the page and provides them with likable qualities that could not have been detailed in the script. Couple this with the surprising and charming twists and turns that ARE in the script, and you get a film that is enjoyable, moving and even a little bit compelling.

While the film does have its odd scenes that feel stitched on to the bigger picture of the plot, these can be easily overlooked as the film’s concluding feel-good mood sits perfectly with the film’s intended audience, genre, character arcs and plot structure.


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