2 Days in Paris (2007)



Directed by: Julie Delpy
Written by: Julie Delpy
Starring: Julie Delpy, Adam Goldberg and Daniel Brühl

After two years, two days can change everything.

In Julie Delpy’s directorial debut, 2 Days in Paris, a couple who are two years into their relationship reach breaking point over the course of two days in . Turning the city of love into a “petri dish” of bacteria, jealousies, sex-crazed Frenchmen and animal-cruelty cuisine, Julie Delpy brings back the comedy into the rom-com genre whilst simultaneously raising interesting issues and insecurities that exist in any perfect match.

For anyone who thinks romance is unrealistic, or are simply single and bitter, watching couples who love each other is not so fun. But with convincing performances delivered by Delpy herself as the Parisian Marion, and Adam Goldberg as the sharp but sensitive New Yorker Jack, couple-watching becomes a funny, feel-good experience – even if most of their interactions involve noisy bickering, awkward insecurities and unspoken tension. While Marion is returning to her hometown, filled with old friends, family and her overfed cat, Jack is far from his comfort zone, paranoid about his hygiene, the language barriers and potential terrorist attacks. As the dynamics of Marion and Jack’s relationship bend and break under such circumstances, concerns that have lain dormant over the two year span of their relationship begin to surface.

While the characters are portrayed with depth and emotion that is both touching and realistic (or at least more realistic than other rom-coms) the small tests of confidence that slowly accumulate into a climax lack the clarity and direction that would have made this film airtight from criticism. Instead, 2 Days in Paris boils down to events that are tenuously linked and unconvincingly structured. Nevertheless, 2 Days in Paris is intelligent and delightful – something we’re not used to seeing in Hollywood’s treatment of couples.



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