Sidewalls (2011)



Directed by: Gustavo Taretto
Written by: Gustavo Taretto
Starring: Javier Drolas, Pilar López de Ayala and Inés Efron

True love is a lot closer than you think

Kooky romances often find it difficult to be balanced in their quirkiness and their meaningful qualities. More often than not, they get carried away with being cute and different, rather than thought-provoking and original. The Argentinian romantic comedy, Sidewalls, however, manages to find that perfect balance in the most unexpected and heartwarming ways.

Martin (Drolas) and Mariana (Lopez de Ayala) are soul-mates. There’s no doubt about it. They listen to the same music from time to time, put off swimming, and strive towards getting back out into the world despite their damaged lives. Martin has several neuroses. Mariana suffers from the heartbreak of a past love. They also live in corresponding apartment blocks, facing out of “sidewalls” – the ugliest and most unappreciated side of a building, according to architect and shop-window designer, Mariana. But while they are so close, and destined for each other, their contact is infrequent and fleeting. And it is in this very quality that Sidewalls finds its beauty.

Written with a sense of humor and an observant approach to finding love and trying to see beauty in the ugliest of situations, Sidewalls is a witty and feel-good film that has the brains and creativity to win the hearts of those seeking something different in the rom-com genre.


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