Hot Tub Time Machine (2010)



Directed by: Steve Pink
Written by : Josh Heald, Sean Anders
Starring: John Cusack, Rob Corddry and Craig Robinson

Of all the decades people would want to time travel to, I’m pretty sure the eighties is one of the least popular. For Adam (Cusack), Nick (Robinson) and Lou (Corddry), however, the eighties is their chance to change their shit present day lives. All thanks to an energy drink called Chernobly, and a time machine hot tub.

*choral hallelujah*

Hot Tub Time Machine could have been one of the most original and absurdly hilarious comedies to take on the subject of time travel. With plenty of cultural and generation-specific jokes to soak in, all Hot Tub Time Machine needed was a witty script and a well-cast team to pull it off. What we get is a luke-warm experience.

While Hot Tub Time Machine captures the same sense of manic fun and craziness as the 80’s wild-child comedies that it pays tribute to, it does a clever thing in making its central characters middle-aged losers, who experienced the best times of their lives during the 80’s. But when it comes to being genuinely funny, and making sure that younger generations who may not be aware of all the 80’s gags are entertained, Hot Tub Time Machine lags.

Relying too much on the vomit, nudity, and obvious plot turns, Hot Tub Time Machine fails to meet the potential in its priceless concept.


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