What’s Your Number? (2011)



Directed by: Mark Mylod
Written by: Gabrielle Allan, Jennifer Crittenden
Starring: Anna Faris, Chris Evans and Ari Graynor

The “number” that the title of this chick-flick rom-com is asking for isn’t your phone number (like I thought). It’s asking for the number of people you’ve slept with. According to some survey by some Harvard person in some magazine, women who sleep with over 20 men are going to be forever alone, because they won’t have any self esteem or self respect left. Fearing that she will never find THE ONE, Ally (Faris) decides to track down each of her ex-boyfriends with her super hot Captain America neighbor, Colin (Evans), to see if any of them have improved/will be a perfect match for her now.

Facebook stalking is all part of the research.

What’s Your Number? does everything that you would expect from a rom-com. It ticks the conventions off like a check-list, and ticks off cameos (Andy Samberg, Martin Freeman, and Zachary Quinto) who are a under-used, but nevertheless, definitely needed for this flick. This isn’t to say that Anna Faris and Chris Evans are a weak duo. They fit so snugly in their roles, it’s hard to imagine anyone else being able to pull off such annoying characters with a likeability that both actors naturally and easily bring to the screen. What the film does lack, however, are some genuine laughs. The sex jokes are weak, and the occasional humiliating moment deserves a chuckle, but when it comes to being a little more witty and clever with its humor, What’s Your Number? falls short.

But being light, enjoyable, and surprisingly sweet, What’s Your Number? certainly doesn’t have to worry about disappointing a great number of female viewers.


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