Because I Said So (2007)


Directed by: Michael Lehmann
Written by: Karen Leigh Hopkins, Jessie Nelson
Starring: Diane Keaton, Mandy Moore and Gabriel Macht

Mothers know best, and some people just don’t know how to make a good movie. Even with the materials that Because I Said So offers as a rom-com covered in estrogen, the film could have passed as a feel-good mother-daughter bonding film. Instead, it is as lazy as a sloth without legs as it pulls together an altogether unconvincing premise with sneaky, unfunny sex jokes that are meant to make the audience giggle in a “just between us ladies” kind of exclusivity. What ensues is far from comedy. It is plain awful.

Marry me before I turn into my mother.

Daphne (Keaton) has raised three girls on her own. Each one has been married off, save for the youngest of the trio, Milly (Moore), who, despite her stable catering job, youth, and golden-brown Mandy Moore good looks, can’t seem to hold a man down. Daphne decides to take matters into her own hands and post an online ad outlining a strict criteria for Milly’s perfect life partner. While the criteria may rule out the charming musician and single dad, Johnny (Macht), he may just be what Milly needs … ?

There isn’t much point in me leaving that last, lingering question mark.Because I Said So has a plot that is as predictable as its humor is horrible. The fights, the flops, and the lessons learned are all structured in a way that lead us straight to a happy ending. And while it may be hard to hate Diane Keaton, whose long career in films such as Annie Hall and Something’s Got To Give have won our hearts, Because I Said So pushes the limits of our tolerance.

In a scene where the three daughters and their mother argue over each other, bickering in shrill voices and repetitively waving their hands around, their husbands and boyfriends leave the room rolling their eyes. Audiences would do well to follow their lead.


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