New Year, New Rules

All the way from Narita airport, Tokyo, the Film Kid wishes you a very happy 2013!

After a two week vacation to visit my family, I have been in and out of cinemas, scrolling through movies on demand, and watching episode after episode of Cowboy Bebop. What I’ve learnt from 2012 is: looking for a job, freelancing, volunteering, and hanging out with family, friends, and my blog, is one hell of a juggling act. Many of the films that I watched in 2012 never ended up getting a review because I would leave it too late, forget to do it, or simply because… I was lazy.

And so it’s with the steam and momentum of a new year that I propose some changes to my blog. Firstly, I will not be reviewing every single film I watch.

Instead, I will:

  1. selectively write reviews
  2. continue to count how many films I’m able to squeeze into a year, only counting those that I haven’t seen before.
  3. start ranting again
  4. include a couple of small visual goodies here and there



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