Who is the film kid?

One of my earliest memories – and one which has stuck with me to this day – is watching Return of the Jedi at the cinemas with my dad. Unable to speak a word of English, four year old Me pieced together a skewed narrative logic from what I was seeing onscreen. And while it was confusing, and the film’s length felt like an eternity, I remember telling myself (and I specifically remember it was when Jabba the Hutt appeared on screen): “I have to remember this movie. I have to remember this day.” The whole experience was so significant to me that the characters and the world of Star Wars returned to me in my dreams, and came to life in the games I played in the backyard.

In many ways, it was these kinds of cinematic experiences that made me so interested in film.  In my house, there were rules about bedtime and eating all our vegetables, but as kids, my sister and I were never denied movies. We had shelves upon shelves of Disney films, and I recall watching The Terminator and Rambo with my dad as parental guidance.

The years have rolled by since, and today, I’m a university graduate with a film major tucked under my brain, dreaming to become a film critic, screenwriter, and the senior editor of my own film magazine. I’ve had the pleasure of writing for magazines (Filmink Magazine, Empire Magazine, and InsideFilm), websites, and film festivals, including the Sydney Film Festival and the Korean Film Festival in Australia, and of course, this baby – thefilmkid.wordpress.com – is my continuing space for reviews.

Where did the pseudonym “THE FILM KID” come from? A friend of mine introduced me to some people at a party as a “film buff”, and I decided that if I was going to be called a “film buff” without feeling sheepish, I really ought to earn that title. Because while I watch films religiously and talk about films incessantly, I think there’s more to being a film buff than simply being a DVD collecting, actor-naming, film enthusiast.

Every review written on this blog then is for a film that I hadn’t seen previously, in its entirety. I number the reviews because I intend to break annual records, and rather than focus on numbers, I’ve made it my mission to focus on quality and keep things fun for you readers!

PLEASE don’t hesitate to comment, ask questions, or give me feedback on my writing. And above all, ENJOY!


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