Bleak Films Get Color!

Who says kids can’t enjoy bleak R rated movies? Check out this awesome Bleak Movies Coloring Book. I loved this page for Darren Aronofsky’s Requiem for a Dream!



Movies R Fun: For Mature Kids Only

Josh Cooley – a storyboard artist at Pixar – has put together a not-so-innocent children’s book of famous scenes from R rated movies. The little ones may not pick up on all of the famous film references, but their parents will definitely appreciate them. Check out a couple of my favorites picked out from the Buzzfeed article here:





Happy Valentines Day

Happy Valentines Day everyone! I also found out that today also doubles as the day Gandalf returned from the dead as Gandalf the White. So Happy Gandalf Day too!

Whether you’re cherishing your long-time partner, boyfriend, girlfriend, mate, lover, crush or Netflix, I hope you are spreading lots of love and letting these special beings know that you love them.




Movies as Barcodes

Wouldn’t it be great if Shrek Forever After actually looked like this?



MOVIEBARCODE whose blog can be seen here compresses films into intriguing barcode-like color schemes.

Some of my personal favorites include:

The Wizard of Oz






The Shining



Star Trek: Into Darkness



Would make very cool artwork in a cinephile’s home, no?

A 20 Minute Writing Adventure

So I thought I’d be adventurous and go to my first ever writing workshop in Brooklyn. It was held by the New York Coalition of Writers – a non profit organization that gives “voiceless” people the chance to express themselves creatively through writing.

With twenty minutes to write, and the prompt: Everybody is ahead of everybody else, click here to see what I wrote.