Bleak Films Get Color!

Who says kids can’t enjoy bleak R rated movies? Check out this awesome Bleak Movies Coloring Book. I loved this page for Darren Aronofsky’s Requiem for a Dream!



A little perspective on the Oscars

Don’t get me wrong – I love the Oscars. But I saw this on the Sydney Film Festival Facebook feed and couldn’t NOT share it.


Happy Valentines Day

Happy Valentines Day everyone! I also found out that today also doubles as the day Gandalf returned from the dead as Gandalf the White. So Happy Gandalf Day too!

Whether you’re cherishing your long-time partner, boyfriend, girlfriend, mate, lover, crush or Netflix, I hope you are spreading lots of love and letting these special beings know that you love them.




An afterthought on Philip Seymour Hoffman’s death

On February 2nd, 2014, I got a text message, which prompted a Google search, and the first headline that came up confirmed that Philip Seymour Hoffman had indeed been found dead in his apartment in West Village. I remember staring out the window and thinking that’s not too far from our apartment here in New York City.

In the days following, I saw shared news stories on my Facebook feed. Fifty Bags of Heroin found in Philip Seymour Hoffman’s Apartment. I saw links reblogged on Tumblr. Philip Seymour Hoffman’s Death Saves 10 Lives. People were dealing with the shock by connecting with fellow social media users, strangers, and anonymous fans of the actor.

The headlines weren’t really enough for me to follow through with a click of my mouse, but I did read one article by A.O.Scott. After reading the article, I wanted to watch Philip Seymour Hoffman’s work. As a kid I had seen him in Twister and Patch Adams, as a teen I saw him in The Talented Mr. RipleyThe Big LebowskiPunch Drunk LoveAlmost Famous, and more recently, I had seen him in The Master. And yet, I felt like I was missing out on a plethora of Philip Seymour Hoffman characters.

I guess I felt a compulsion to see his earlier work, because I felt like this might be the best way to honor deceased artists. They continue to live on in what they leave behind. And I really believe Philip Seymour Hoffman left us with immortalized performances.

2014 Sundance TIn Type Portraits - Philip Seymour Hoffman

Films From 2013 Condensed

This is why I love film.

Someone has gone ahead and spliced together scenes from 300 films this year into one condensed 7 minute film. The result is absolutely mesmerizing. The effort this person must have put into editing this work is pretty impressive, but what’s more impressive, is their ability to show us the themes and ideas that hold all of these disparate films together. It reminds us why we go to see movies in the first place, and why we’re so addicted to their pull.

Cronos (1993)

“Suo tempore.”


Directed by: Guillermo del Toro
Written by: Guillermo del Toro
Starring: Federico Luppi, Ron Perlman, Claudio Brook

Inside a gold contraption that can fit into the palm of your hand, there are cogs and wheels turning to the rhythm of eternal life. This little ticking toy takes some of your blood, mixes it within the body of a poor slave-driven insect, and injects you with a few more living years. But like most fascinating machines, this one comes with a manual. And for those who don’t use the device with caution, they could end up chewing off more than they can swallow.



Written and directed by Guillermo del Toro, Cronos captures the imagination with a magnetic sense of horror. As we are drawn to the gold giver of life with as much curiosity and desire as the film’s protagonist, Jesus Gris (Luppi), Guillermo del Toro unwinds a beautifully crafted story of a man who has immortality thrust upon him. With wonderfully theatrical scenes of color design and a heartbreaking relationship between Jesus and his granddaughter, Guillermo del Toro fashions a uniquely impressive horror story that ticks to its own style of suspense, black humor, and beauty.